No Business Interruption.  No Cost to Travel.  Easy Access.  Any Location.

   Cumulus provides a SaaS solution to perform targeted ESI collection, assessment & preservation using the power of the cloud without the expense and risk of traditional methods.

Assess. Collect. Preserve.

Only Cumulus Data provides online and remote data collection and preservation in the cloud or to an encrypted device, giving you unique flexibility, while saving significant time and expense.

About Cumulus

Keep your head in the Cloud!  At Cumulus Data we encourage you to dream—it drives us to innovate and deliver the next solution.


Inspiration & Mission

Cumulus Data was founded by veterans of the legal industry who saw a need to develop a platform to address the greatest issues plaguing the legal industry today: cost, speed, predictability and defensibility.  With the power of cloud technology, we are uniquely positioned to address these challenges. Cumulus Data is passionate about harnessing and integrating the power and innovation of cloud technology for collecting and managing high-value electronically stored information. Thus, we enable clients to have secure, quick, and easy access to data collection and data management at their fingertips.


Cumulus Data is an e-discovery SaaS solution dedicated to providing secure, defensible and easy-to-use e-discovery solutions for 24/7 remote collection, search & cull that has transformed the way corporations, law firms and vendors think about controlling e-discovery, compliance & investigative matters.



Our Promise and Commitment

We’ll never stop innovating and developing new solutions for our clients. Security, scalability, quality, flexibility, performance, and reducing costs are imperative.




Learn about Our Products


Cumulus Data's eCloud Suite

The eCloud Suite of offerings harnesses the power and elasticity of the cloud to offer remote data collection, early data assessment and preservation of email, computers, servers and cloud storage, delivering it in a legally defensible and forensically sound manner.  The combination of eCloudCollect™ and eCloudAssess™ offers a powerful and unique approach to gaining control over ESI.

Truly on-demand - no barriers to entry or commitments!

Flat rate and predictable pricing - pay only for what you use!

Scalable – use for any size matter!

Easy to use platform – virtually anyone can get up and running within minutes!

Security – Always defensible, always secure!

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Control. Economize. Win.


• Collect and cull ESI faster and more cost effectively than any other method available


• Lower costs by filtering your data prior to costly processing and review


• Take control of your data by performing in-house forensically sound collections without the need of forensic expertise


• Predictable pricing you to offer alternative fee arrangements without risk





Identify. Comply. Preserve.


• Easily perform targeted data collections and preservation to ensure compliance with regulations


• Save money by collecting and minimizing your own data prior to processing and review


• Easily collect random samples of your data for regulation and compliance


• Collect as many times as needed without business interruption or the burden of over collection



Integrate. Capitalize. Grow.


• Easily integrate collection and preservation into your software or service offering without having to build a platform or incur costs


• Increase revenue by increasing your capabilities


• Win business by meeting the e-discovery needs of your clientele


• Save time and money by collecting and culling ESI without the need for travel, software or hardware


Software & Service Providers

Law Firms


Get More with eCloudCollect

Collect ESI defensibly; anywhere, anytime, without business interruption, travel, training, hardware or software!

Harness the power of cloud computing for forensic ESI collections

The only solution for collecting from Amazon S3 without expensive hardware or Software

The only solution to Remotely collect and preserve ESI directly to an encrypted hard drive

Access ESI from desktops, laptops and servers located anywhere in the world

eCloudCollect™ allows for forensically sound collections from the cloud

More Sources & More Flexibility

eCloudCollect™ is the only tool that can collect remote computers both to the cloud

and to media , giving you unique flexibility and speed to collect without the worry of

connectivity challenges or the prohibitive costs of traditional collection methods.


Forensically Collect from Servers, Laptops and Desktops.

Collect your data to the Cloud or and External Device such as a Hard Drive or Mapped Drive

Forensically Collect from Microsoft Exchange

Collect ESI anywhere, anytime, without business interruption, travel, training, hardware or software

Forensically Collect from Cloud Platforms like Amazon AWS

Forensically Collect from any Email Platform such as Gmail, Office 365, iCloud, Yahoo & More

Introducing eCloudAssess

eCloudAssess™ is a search and cull tool that utilizes the elasticity of the cloud to produce faster results, no matter the size of the data searched, with the predictability and cost effectiveness that the legal industry has been waiting for.

Lightning fast – leverages Amazon Cloud Search to achieve speeds that are far beyond conventional search tools!

Save time and money – reduce your data size prior to export to save on expensive processing and review costs!

Scalable – Search up to a million documents, as often as you want for one flat rate.

Welcome to Cumulus Data's Partner Network

If you need assistance for collections please reach out to one of our qualified service providers

Join the Cumulus Data Partner Network to expand your offerings, grow your business and provide even more value to your clients.


We are committed to providing our partners the resources they need to offer and support the eCloud Suite, including eCloudCollect and eCloudAssess.  For more information or to sign-up please click here.



Premier Providers

Distinguished Providers

Premier Providers are legal service bureaus that have been recognized by Cumulus Data to excel in the provision and support of Cumulus Data products. These Providers demonstrate the highest level of expertise with the Cumulus Data products and demonstrate a spirit of excellence and exemplary service to their customers.


BlueStar Case Solutions

226 S Wabash Ave Suite 500, Chicago,  IL  60604 | Phone: 312-939-3000 | Email:

Over a decade of experience and an exceptional workforce elevate BlueStar Case Solutions to its position as a true innovator in the litigation support industry. Law firms and corporations worldwide rely on our discovery consulting, ESI collection, eDiscovery, data hosting, attorney review, production, and cloud services. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver tailored solutions that maximize quality and efficiency while minimizing cost. As your partner throughout every step of the litigation lifecycle, we strive to simplify the details so that you can focus on the strategy.



222 2nd Ave North Ste. 100, Nashville, TN 37201 | Phone: 855-448-0708 x304 | Email:

We orchestrate elegance and innovation in eDiscovery software in a private, secure, hosted facility. Our focus is on design, user experience, speed, availability, scalability, and functionality. Using tomorrow’s technology, and with a goal of zero training, cicayda is faster in performance and usability. There is a better way, and that better way is cicayda. Cicayda keenly understands the demands of litigation and the compelling needs of time, speed, accuracy, and reliability. Our promise is 100% client satisfaction.

A blue-eyed cicayda is one in a million - we will help you find and use that one in a million document - your key to intelligent lawyering and winning.


U.S. Legal Support

425 Park Avenue, 5th Floor, New York, NY  10022 | Phone: (212) 460-8169 | Email:

U.S. Legal Support has been a nationwide provider of Litigation Services, Court Reporting and Record Retrieval for more than 20 years. Our experienced, certified Litigation Services team provides e-Discovery solutions to help our clients manage the entire litigation life cycle from identification, collection and assessment, through document hosting and review, to trial presentation. Our 37 locations span the U.S. from New York, Philadelphia and D.C., to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Miami. Nationwide coverage with local expertise.




14500 Avion Pkwy, Suite 301, Chantilly, VA 20151 | 800-832-4529 | Email:

TechLaw Solutions helps corporations, law firms, and government agencies develop and implement strategies to effectively address litigation preparedness, manage costs, mitigate client risk, and provide a competitive advantage in the e-Discovery process, through Managed Services or a traditional delivery model. TechLaw Solutions is one of the longest tenured service providers in litigation support, working on complex and critical matters since 1983. Service offerings include electronic discovery consulting, forensic data collection, advanced electronic document processing, early case assessment, analytics, technology assisted review, online hosting, and managed review. TechLaw has been named a Relativity Best-in-Service partner and earned the prestigious ISO 27001 Certification.




Digital Discovery & Trial

501 W Broadway Suite 280, San Diego, CA 92101 | Phone: 619-235-0268 | Email:

Founded in 1992, Digital Discovery & Trial continues to provide litigation technology solutions throughout the spectrum of the EDRM litigation life-cycle. From preservation and collection to review, production and presentation in the courtroom, experienced litigators, corporations, legal professionals and trial attorneys in the San Diego community choose DDTrial for the best technology support in the legal industry.


Progressive Imaging & Consulting

614 N Broadway 3rd Flr, Milwaukee, WI 53202 | Phone: 414-221-5996 | Email:

For nearly 20 years, Progressive Imaging & Consulting  has been offering a full suite of litigation support services to Legal and Corporate Clients nationwide. From Rule 26 Consutling to assistance with appellate briefs to long-term information storage, Progressive Imaging is the only vendor your firm needs.


Global EDD Group

13477 Prospect Road, Suite 210, Cleveland, OH  44149 | Phone: 888-690-DATA |

Global EDD Group is a boutique consulting company that provides electronic discovery services for matters with a national or international scope, specializing in remote and onsite services ranging from data identification to document review.  We leverage deep industry and international experience with an extensive network of global resources to offer our clients complete, cost effective and global legal technology services.


EDDM Litigation Consulting

1420 Wood Road  Suite 1C, Bronx, NY  10462 | Phone: 1-855-415-1025 | Email: contact@eddmconsulting

EDDM Litigation Consulting is a litigation and document management consulting firm with facilities throughout New York City. EDDM Consulting maintains one of the most extensive and secure data processing, hosting and review, and document production networks in the legal services industry. EDDM is a trusted advisor to law firms, national and international corporate legal departments, and government agencies, and provides cost-certainty while maintaining accuracy and efficiency.



4043 N. Ravenswood Avenue, Suite 317 Chicago,  IL  60613 | Phone: 773-929-4000 | Email:

Nextpoint provides cloud computing tools and services for legal, compliance and regulatory needs. The Nextpoint platform is an on-demand, multi-tenant suite of software-as-a-service products that are transforming the way corporations, governments and lawyers collaborate and manage electronic data. Nextpoint manages terabytes of data for hundreds of large legal related-entities, including corporate customers, government entities and law firms of all sizes, from solo practitioners to the AmLaw 200.


ProFile Discovery

46 N. High St. Suite 200, Columbus OH 43215 | Phone: 614-222-2888 | Email:

ProFile offers multiple cloud-based hosted platforms each with a unique capability. Our belief is that our clients should have the greatest flexibility in terms of cost and performance. Our project management team has years of experience and will consult with you on any size matter. We begin by analyzing the entire scope of your project and then offer a true “non-biased” approach to your data, workflow and output. Whether you are a seasoned E-Discovery professional or just starting out, the ProFile Discovery team will help guide you through every step of the process.


TrustPoint International

3575 Piedmont Road NE, Suite 900 Atlanta, GA 30339 | Phone: 1-866-783-6144 | Email:

TrustPoint International, an Excelerate Discovery company, is a leading ediscovery services and review company. Our core focus is providing law firms and corporate legal departments with cost-certain and transparent end-to-end discovery solutions. These solutions encompass everything from collection through production services, technology assisted review and attorney staffing for projects in litigation, investigations and merger-related inquiries. TrustPoint International works with your team to implement the most cost-efficient approach to ediscovery workflow. Our methods and services are geared towards minimizing the amount of data to be reviewed and streamlining the way in which that data is reviewed. We have created a variety of customizable, cost-effective approaches while maintaining the highest quality work product and judicial defensibility in the process. Bundled together or a la carte, our tailored solutions deliver the tools, processes and manpower you need to get you the best result while ensuring the greatest savings.


Sound Legal Copy

1418 3rd Ave Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98101 | Phone: 206-405-1544 | Email:

Sound Legal Copy, founded in 2001, is an owner-operated services firm built to support the legal community. Based in Seattle, we provide a full range of services including eDiscovery, Forensic Collections, Hosted Solutions, and Document Imaging, as well as Traditional Reprographic solutions. We stand ready with our team of specialists professionally trained to respond to your complex and time-sensitive needs throughout an entire case or project so that you are free to focus on the high-value task of serving your client.


Digital Legal

1001 North Jefferson Street, Suite 100 Wilmington, DE 19801  | Phone: 302-888-2060 | Email:

Digital Legal provides the latest early case assessment, electronic data discovery, and litigation support solutions. We help you determine the most cost-effective method to identify, collect, review, and produce evidence. We believe that great verdicts begin with great discovery. Whether you’re a corporation of 30,000 employees, a national law firm, or an office of three attorneys, you can make Digital Legal part of your winning team.




2250 Fourth Avenue San Diego, CA 92101 | Phone: 855-517-9976 | Email:

Invendica has one of the best forensic litigation support teams that focuses on E-Discovery. Our Founder successfully designed and implemented one of the first E-Discovery solutions for one of the nation’s largest firms. Our team of experts has over fifteen years of experience with acquisition, discovery, and production of electronic information. We have worked closely with top firms to develop a pathway to success. With the help of our clients, we have created a formula that will save your firm time and money. We understand the extreme costs of litigation and help educate all of our clients on cost effective E-Discovery procedures. Invendica is constantly striving to help our clients. We spend a tremendous amount of time keeping up to date on new laws, technologies, and cost cutting solutions. We try to pass this knowledge down to the legal community by taking an active role in conducting E-Discovery seminars to educate legal professionals. We not only develop software, but develop trends in E-Discovery procedures.



Document Technologies, Inc.

Corporate HQ: Two Ravinia Drive, Suite 550, Atlanta, Ga 30346 | Phone: 770.390.2700 | Email:

Founded in 1998 as Document Technologies, Inc., DTI has grown to be the largest independent provider of litigation, discovery and managed support services for the legal and corporate markets in the U.S. With more than 27 offices in major markets nationwide and on-site client services in 60 markets, DTI supports the majority of the AmLaw 100 law firms and numerous Fortune 500 Corporations. DTI helps clients remain focused on their core competencies, while lowering overhead costs, reducing risk, and improving discovery and document management practices. Offering a wide range of both on-site and off-site services, DTI develops tailored solutions for each unique client need. Thousands of law firms and corporations have leveraged DTI’s expertise and capacity to provide cost containment solutions without sacrificing quality or service.


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